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Welcome to our website without any content.  Hey…just being honest.

When we reserved the URL, we had big dreams and plans for it. But let’s face it, neither I (stay home mom/wife with 3 kids) or my husband (former chef and now CO-CEO of a restaurant group), have time to work on those big dreams and plans right now.  Life is just a tad busy raising 3 girls and running 29+ restaurants.  

So here the website sits, empty. 

I have been successful at blogging about what it’s like to be married to a chef….but as far as blogging about all things Simple, Seasonal and Local….well…that’s going to have to wait for a bit.

My husband dreams of having land with animals and gardens and raising, growing and making all our own food. I dream of helping him and watching him make that all happen. The dream is alive…just not possible at this moment in our life.

So until then, we’re holding on to this site and thinking about the future! Thanks for visiting.

–Tom and Jennifer Small